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Welcome to Zurich!

Zurich is the biggest Swiss city, but also its largest commercial, economic, cultural and especially financial centre, with the highest concentration of banks and credit institutes, the majority of which are situated on Bahnhofsplatz and Bellevueplatz, which are said to be some of the most elegant streets in Europe.
Zurich lies on the northern shore of the homonymous lake and on the banks of river Limmat. The city counts about 350.0000 inhabitants, distributed on a surface of just 92 square kilometres.

A sense of calm pervades the city; every day looks like Sunday: people move with bicycles, women stroll around with children, young people go jogging along the lake shores, and all this with the typical serenity of Swiss people. Zurich can be considered a very safe city, but at the same time very lively. Especially the numerous students who attend the university contribute to give the city a joyful and friendly aspect 24 hours a day.

The city is also an ideal for shopping. Walking down the famous Bahnhofstrasse you will inevitably have to buy something, more or less affordable .... And after you spent hours looking at jewels, watches and accessories, a stop at Spr√ľngli is compulsory, where you can have the best hot chocolate of the city.

The big lake Zurichsee, swarming with bathers during the summer season, is not the most beautiful lake of Switzerland, but it surely is the most picturesque, being situated in the heart of a big metropolis. On the lake shores there are seaside resorts ideal for those in search of relax.

Between the Bahnhofstrasse and Limmat lies the old town, with its tortuous and narrow streets, stretching until the opposite shore. In this part of the old town there are gorgeous buildings of the late Middle Age, antiques, inns, wine bars and the famous Kronenhalle, a real institution in Zurich, with its posh bar where the worldliest people of the city meet and start from here their long night life.

Zurich also deserves to be visited over the Christmas period, when every day the city is dressed with lights and decorations, and there are parties and concerts everywhere.